Snapshot of 2021 partnerships:

Millage leaders believe in collective action.

With this in mind, millage dollars are frequently distributed to community partners working in one or more of the millage's funding priorities: service expansion, criminal justice diversion, youth support, and prevention and education.

5 Healthy Towns Foundation

In 2019, 5 Healthy Towns Foundation received funding to address a local health issue. In partnership with local organizations, including Washtenaw County Community Mental Health, they are creating the vital conditions for mental health and helping identify health-related social needs.

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Avalon Housing

Millage-funded staff at Avalon Housing provide case management, helping residents get and stay healthy—both physically and mentally—through an on-site clinic run by Packard Health. Staff also provide connections to behavioral health treatment providers, as needed.

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Children’s Services

At Washtenaw County Children's Services, the millage provided funding for a newly embedded staff member: a mental health professional. This new millage-funded case worker helps youth and their families connect with needed community resources.

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Corner Health Center

Through a millage-funded partnership, the Corner Health Center now offers psychiatric services in-house, via two Washtenaw County Community Mental Health-affiliated providers. This partnership provides in-house treatment for youth and young adults.

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NAMI Washtenaw

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Washtenaw County has used millage funding to conduct concerted outreach efforts in underserved areas of Washtenaw County--such as Whitmore Lake and Ypsilanti--to destigmatize mental health concerns.

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The Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED) has worked with Washtenaw County Community Mental Health to target millage funds to areas of need. OCED created an RFP for supportive housing grants, and now oversees the work of the grantees.

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Ozone House

Thanks to a millage partnership, psychiatry is being offered on-site at Ozone House. The millage funds time for a psychiatrist to be on-site every week for a half-day, allowing them to support Ozone House youth in need of mental health and substance use support services.

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Packard Health

Packard Health works closely with Washtenaw County Community Mental Health to coordinate the care of clients. Packard clients now receive mental health care services on-site, along with medical care and social service connections, to support their health.

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Shelter Association

The Shelter Association of Washtenaw County uses millage resources to add beds dedicated to clients who need immediate temporary housing. They also refer clients in need of behavioral health services to Washtenaw County Community Mental Health.

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Student Advocacy Center

Check and Connect offers evidence-based mentoring to students involved with the juvenile justice system, students with mental health needs, or students who frequently miss school or struggle with grades. Millage funds support full-time mentors in Ypsilanti and Lincoln.

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Millage matching dollars enabled WISD schools to receive a grant from the State of Michigan to hire mental health professionals. Four behavioral health professionals now support WISD students, working to destigmatize mental health and reach kids early before issues escalate.

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Washtenaw Health Plan

The Washtenaw Health Plan (WHP) works to expand access to health care by helping people sign up for health insurance. WHP navigators understand the Washtenaw County Community Mental Health system and can connect clients to behavioral health services when needed.

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Ypsilanti Housing

The millage has helped the Ypsilanti Housing Commission’s Family Empowerment Program earn supportive housing certification from the Corporation for Supportive Housing. Now, the millage funds supportive housing services for residents of New Parkridge in Ypsilanti.

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To access millage-funded services,
call 1-734-544-3050