Washtenaw County reported that at least 448 individuals were houseless in December 2022. Last year, the millage provided funding to four local agencies to increase capacity and expand services for clients with mental health and substance use concerns.

Once you enter the homeless system, it can come with a lot of burdens and stress, and impact your health long term. If we can be upstream supporting families—preventing crises—it can help families’ long term mental health and health”

— Theresa Gillotti, Retired Director, Washtenaw County Office for Community and Economic Development

Avalon Housing: Supportive housing and mental health support.

Avalon Housing manages 25 properties across Washtenaw County and provides affordable housing, crisis intervention, case management, peer recovery support, in-home primary care, and community building to single adults, youth, and families. The millage provided $558,000 to Avalon Housing between 2019 and 2022 to house more residents and hire needed support staff.

With this funding, Avalon was able to hire four new staff members: two support coordinators, one team leader, and one administrator.

After Avalon's three years of millage funding expired, the Millage Advisory Committee committed an additional $558,000 to support services for the next three years.

Three people talking with a Sheriff Officer

160 individuals housed with mental health millage funding.

529 individuals received millage-funded supportive services.

4 new staff members hired with millage funds.

Delonis Center: Shelter and staff to support Washtenaw’s houseless population.

In 2019, the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County (SAWC) was awarded $240,000 from the millage, primarily to support its housing crisis stabilization program.

Over the next three years, SAWC was able to add more shelter beds for clients in immediate need of housing and provide services–including medication management and individualized service plans–to help clients stabilize after mental health crises.

SAWC also used millage funding to hire a crisis coordinator, who works with Washtenaw County Community Mental Health to support clients in need of housing, coordinating their care and providing case management. In 2022, the Millage Advisory Committee committed an additional $240,000 to the shelter.

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23 homeless individuals sheltered by the Delonis Center in late 2022.

60% were connected to permanent supportive housing

50 individuals received case management services.

Ozone House: Housing and youth supports.

Ozone House is a supportive housing agency specifically designed to serve Washtenaw County’s youth population. In 2019, the millage awarded Ozone House $360,000 to support its transitional living program, which provides supportive services–including housing, case management, life-skills training, and therapy–to 17-24 year olds.

With this funding, Ozone House expanded its transitional living program to serve approximately 25 youth per year. Ozone House was also able to hire more youth specialists, who manage and work with youth-in-residence, and a case manager, who helps unhoused young adults find safe and secure housing.

In 2022, the Millage Advisory Committee committed an additional $360,000 to Ozone House. 

Two people from Washtenaw county's Crisis Negotiation Team

27 individuals housed at Ozone properties in 2022 with millage funds.

41 young adults housed through Homeless-to-Housed program.

2 new staff members work with youth in residence.

Ypsilanti Housing Commission: Housing, support, and programming for families.

Ypsilanti Housing Commission (YHC) is a supportive housing agency that provides resources and services to low-income families and individuals in Ypsilanti. In 2019, the millage awarded YHC $132,500 to support its Family Empowerment Program and New Parkridge location, which offers permanent housing to chronically homeless individuals.

The funding allowed YHC to obtain 86 new housing vouchers—23 designed to permanently house individuals and the other 63 designed to provide temporary housing. Additionally, YHC was able to hire two new staff, who provide intensive case management, wraparound services, and other programming for their clients. In 2022, the Millage Advisory Committee committed an additional $132,500 to the Ypsilanti Housing Commission.

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51 adults and children housed with millage funds.

41 adults placed in New Parkridge permanent supportive housing.

252 participate in after school programs, food pantry outings, etc.

To access millage-funded services,
call 1-734-544-3050