Snapshot of 2023 media mentions:

In 2023, millage-funded initiatives were featured in diverse publications including Concentrate, MLive, the Sun Times, and more.

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2023 WCCMH in the Media

2023 WCCMH News

A reentry journey in Washtenaw County 
The county's reentry program works to connect jail residents like Stephanale to the resources they need to thrive in the community. Read more.

Ypsilanti-area mental health program
In October, the millage approved three years of funding for the Community Family Life Center’s Collaborative Mental Health Program, dedicated to addressing the mental health concerns of Black male youth aged 10-25. Read more.

Signed into law in November, a new legislative package aligns with local efforts in Washtenaw County to address core juvenile justice problems. 
“This policy will help Washtenaw County implement a more upstream model,” says Lisa Gentz, program administrator for millage initiatives. Read more.

Zen spaces, support animals, and more. Millage mini-grants fund emotional supports for students
In 2022, 16 schools across in Washtenaw received mini-grants from the millage to address mental health. Learn how schools are investing millage mini-grants to improve coping skills. Read more. 

Millage Advisory Committee approves additional funding for the Washtenaw Health Project
The Millage Advisory Committee recently approved funding for the Washtenaw Health Project (WHP), a local organization that expands access to health and behavioral health care. Read more.

$4 million in federal funds stretch millage dollars and enhance services
Local and federal funding are blended together in Washtenaw County to support mental health and substance use services. Through federal funds, Washtenaw County has been able to expand mental health services and extend the reach of millage dollars. Read more.

Millage approves funding for 5 Healthy Towns mental health initiative
In February, the millage approved a one-year pilot grant for 5 Healthy Towns Foundation (5HF), a foundation dedicated to improving personal and community wellness in five rural Michigan communities...Read more.

Washtenaw's jail-based behavioral health services  aims to break the cycle of recidivism
“Coming into the jail, you often don’t know when you'll get out,” says Aaron Suganuma, the reentry coordinator. “Our goal has been to reach people as early as possible and connect them to resources that will promote their long term stability...” Read more.

It takes a millage: 2022 Public Safety and Mental Health Preservation Millage annual report
2022 was the fourth year that the millage provided funding to expand access to mental health and substance use services across Washtenaw County. In this report we share information about dozens of people and programs funded with millage dollars, and the impact they have had on our community... Read more.

Washtenaw County housing agencies expand services following millage funding project
In 2019, four local housing agencies were awarded a total of $1.2 million in funding to increase supportive housing and behavioral health services. Then, in 2023, the millage provided additional funding to the four agencies to continue services
for three years.... Read more. Wraparound facilitators help families find, and connect with, the services they need and are qualified for. In wraparound, the entire team supporting a family meets regularly so the family gets the most effective support possible.... Read more.

Michigan Ability Partners works to decrease homelessness in Washtenaw County
One reason why the number of homeless people in the county is decreasing may be because over the past four years, the Public Safety and Mental Health Millage has provided over $2 million to supportive housing agencies across the country to expand capacity and improve services... Read more.