2020 By the Numbers

Millage funding is making great things possible.

While COVID-19 did its best to interrupt projects and deadlines in 2020, many initiatives carried on.

The second year of millage funding saw the continuation of service expansion—providing all county residents access to WCCMH's 24/7 CARES hotline with information and support, a need that only grew with social isolation and other effects from COVID-19.

When the pandemic created emergency situations, the millage was available to help—hoteling those experiencing homelessness so they could stay safe and providing expanded crisis support services to those in need.

2020 also saw increased funding for community partnerships. These organizations provide our community with essential supports—housing, education, counseling—and strengthen our mental health support system.

The millage contributed to the 31N program, funding more social workers in our local schools. It provided resources for our youth experiencing homelessness. And it opened the doors of 750 Towner, our county's crisis stabilization center.

See our financial data table that describes how millage funds were spent and scroll down to learn more about those served.

2020: Geographic location of CARES clients

Client Location Graph 2020

2020: Age of CARES clients

Client Age Graph 2020

$3.2 million

For service expansion

Funds that expand the reach of WCCMH to provide 24/7 support, further services and access to more residents and geographic areas in Washtenaw County.


Services by CARES

Services such as case management, medication reviews, nursing services, peer services, intake assessments, psychiatric evaluations, injections, and more.

$1.1 million

For community partners

Funds for local organizations to provide important programming and services that improve community mental health and create stronger linkages to WCCMH.

2020: Investment CATEGORIES

Investment Categories 2020

2020: services provided

Service Numbers 2020

To access millage-funded services,
call 1-734-544-3050