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Washtenaw County Public Safety and Mental Health Preservation Millage

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In 2017, Washtenaw County voters approved an eight-year homeowner tax to expand access to behavioral health services. Since 2019, when these funds first became available, the Public Safety and Mental Health Preservation Millage has allowed local health and human service organizations to support the mental health and wellbeing of all county residents, regardless of their ability to pay for services. Our video highlights some of the key partnerships and programs that support our community.

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Three years of new and enhanced programing.

The Washtenaw County Public Safety and Mental Health Preservation Millage has brought many new and enhanced programs to our community. This report illustrates what our agency, alongside our inspiring community partners, accomplished during the third year of millage funding.

For example:

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In 2018, WCCMH served 2,344 people. In 2021, the third year of our eight-year millage, we served 4,366 people.
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In 2021, our millage-funded CARES team, an expanded team of mental health professionals, provided 13,092 services—such as medication reviews, peer support services, and individual therapy–to 752 Washtenaw County residents. 
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And in 2021, we gave $1.5 million to community partners to help them provide critically important programs and services that improve community mental health through treatment, prevention, housing, and support.

In 2021, millage funding also allowed us to set the groundwork for systems change through new and expanded partnerships with our criminal justice and youth-focused sectors.

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Millage funding helped develop a new initiative to divert low-level, low-risk offenders away from jail and connect them with behavioral health services and other community resources.
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Millage funding supported a new initiative that seeks to transform our  juvenile justice system, to support youth in their schools and communities, and to avoid detention and incarceration whenever possible.

We are proud to present our latest millage impact report that highlights continuing programs and new initiatives that are touching the lives of so many in our community. 

Thank you, Washtenaw County residents, for supporting the county's Public Safety and Mental Health Preservation Millage.

2021 Services and initiatives

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Criminal Justice

Millage resources fund criminal justice diversion, reentry, and evidence-based jail services. Diversion efforts help move low-level, low-risk offenders with behavioral health needs away from jails and detention centers—so that they can be better connected to community-based care. Reentry initiatives help reduce the likelihood of someone returning to jail—allowing more families to stay together and, ultimately, saving taxpayers money.

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Service Expansion

Services provided with millage funding include crisis response, individual therapy, group therapy, peer support, psychiatry, nursing, and help navigating required medical, behavioral, and social services.

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Youth Supports

There is a growing need to support youth who have experienced trauma or have unmet behavioral health needs. Millage funding supports initiatives that reach students within their schools and communities. Many initiatives focus on destigmatizing mental health and empowering youth.

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Prevention and Education

Prevention and education initiatives tackle the root causes of behavioral health needs, which ultimately reduces costs and prevents adverse health outcomes by reaching those in need early. The millage educates community members about how to recognize and respond to mental health crises and needs, and destigmatizes reaching out for help.

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The millage is helping community agencies across the county expand secure, supportive housing for those exiting jail and transitioning back into the community, as well as those with mental health or substance use disorders.

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2021 Millage
By the Numbers

See how millage dollars are funding local initiatives and partnerships and learn about those being served.

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Expanded services
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24/7 crisis center
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Youth supports
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Supportive housing
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Education and prevention
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Criminal justice diversion


For service expansion

Service expansion funds allow WCCMH to provide 24/7 mental health and substance use support to more residents and geographic areas across Washtenaw County.


Services by CARES

The millage-funded CARES team provides case management, medication reviews, nursing services, peer services, intake assessments, psychiatric evaluations, and more.


For community partners

Funds go to local organizations to improve mental health, combat substance abuse, reduce stigma, expand supportive housing, and support students.

To access millage-funded services,
call 1-734-544-3050