Integrating behavioral and physical health care helps people achieve their holistic needs.

While integration promotes better care coordination between providers, it also often leads to greater client satisfaction, better health outcomes, and reduced health care costs. Several millage-funded initiatives promote partnerships that integrate client care across local organizations.

Packard Health

Throughout 2020, WCCMH worked to strengthen its partnership with Packard Health, a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC). Thanks to millage funding, the CARES team can make referrals for clients to use Packard Health services who are equipped for more primary care and physical health needs. CARES also receives referrals from Packard Health for clients who may have severe mental health needs.

Corner Health Center

WCCMH has partnered with Corner Health Center—a local health center dedicated to providing care for youth and young adults—to expand its psychiatry presence. Millage funding allows Corner Health to provide critical on-site psychiatric care to its clients at a low cost. This partnership also facilitates a relationship between the organizations by creating an accelerated route for referrals to and from the CARES team.