COVID-19 impacted the lives of Washtenaw County residents in a myriad of ways.

The uncertainty of the pandemic caused much stress. Many measures were taken to reduce COVID-19 exposure for WCCMH clients, including telehealth and placing homeless individuals in private hotel rooms. We are grateful for millage funds that allow us to take these precautions to keep clients safe and healthy.

Female doctor on telehealth call


The beginning of the pandemic initiated a large increase in telehealth services, as providers and patients alike attempted to lessen exposure to COVID-19. Washtenaw County Community Mental Health clients continuously express their gratitude for new, virtual options that can be done from the comfort of their own homes—removing barriers to care like transportation. Still, WCCMH continues to see clients in person, per their choice, as they have since the beginning of the pandemic.


When the pandemic began, the millage provided over $150,000 to keep homeless people safe and healthy—funding emergency housing in hotels and rental assistance for over five dozen families. These actions decreased COVID-19 exposure and kept the vulnerable homeless population safe. WCCMH staff members quickly realized the benefits of placing homeless individuals in hotel rooms—when people had access to a phone, they were able to get connected to healthcare much easier.