Community Reentry

When people exit jail, they may require support to successfully reenter the community.

Stable housing, employment, managed medication, and other unique needs all contribute to a person's successful reentry to the community. Reentry initiatives help reduce recidivism, the likelihood of someone returning to jail—allowing more families to stay together and, ultimately, saving taxpayers money.

MAT Services in Jail

The millage helps fund substance use disorder services in our county jail. Research shows that medication-assisted treatment (MAT)—the use of medication to treat substance use disorders—can successfully help those on the path to recovery, reducing the likelihood that an individual will use illegal drugs in the future, thus, reducing recidivism. In 2020, the jail’s MAT program served 36 individuals, helping them recover from substance use disorders safely while serving their sentence.

Reentry Services

In 2020, the Reentry Services Team at the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office began the planning period of a grant funded by the U.S. Bureau of Justice Administration and the millage, focused on reducing recidivism. This reentry team is composed of two case managers and two peer support specialists, managed by a reentry coordinator. The grant allows them to provide extra assistance to up to 150 individuals with moderate to high substance use disorders who are transitioning from jail back into the community.