Access and Crisis Services

WCCMH values the impact of crisis services and intervention for those in need.

Being able to quickly respond when an individual is in crisis can save a life and buys time to connect the individual to long-term resources and care. Millage funding has enabled several strategies for crisis intervention that have undoubtedly improved the lives of residents.


In 2019, WCCMH expanded its services to all county residents regardless of insurance, ability to pay, or crisis severity. The expansion, known as CARES, provides short-term care and ultimately connects clients to long-term, sustainable care. The CARES team served, on average, 278 active cases per month in 2020. For assistance with a crisis situation, or guidance on how to get connected to services or how to help a loved one, anyone can call the CARES hotline at 734-544-3050.

24/7 Crisis Center

In 2020, through millage funding, WCCMH opened a 24/7 crisis center—providing an alternative space to emergency rooms and jail for individuals experiencing a crisis. 750 Towner provides after-hours medical care, peer support, and services to meet basic needs—such as food and a safe place to sleep—to stabilize individuals, then connects them to sustainable community care. Between July and September 2020, the center served 30 people. It will continue to serve many more in the years ahead.