Lack of supportive and affordable housing creates challenges for many Washtenaw County residents.

The millage is helping community agencies across the county expand secure, supportive housing for those exiting jail and transitioning back into the community, as well as for those with mental health or substance use disorders.

Supportive Housing

For creating
Safe Spaces

In 2021, millage funding expanded supportive housing services at Avalon Housing, Ozone House, the Delonis Center, and the Ypsilanti Housing Commission. Grants funded additional shelter beds, behavioral health and primary care services, and case management to ensure that clients receive the support they need to thrive in the community. READ MORE

Homelessness Prevention

For protecting
our most vulnerable

Washtenaw County Community Mental Health used millage funds to divert individuals from the county's homeless system of care when possible. These funds provided food, utilities, transportation, and other measures to help people avoid homelessness. Through millage funding, the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County diverted 22 individuals away from homelessness in 2021. READ MORE