Outreach Campaign

Outreach Campaign

The millage's public outreach campaign works to ensure that all of Washtenaw County's residents know how to access mental health and substance use support, if and when they need it, while educating the community about how millage funds have been spent and the impact of those investments.

The ads--which showcase public servants in education, mental health, law enforcement, health, and housing--have been advertised on local billboards, buses, newspapers, magazines, and social channels to promote the county's 24/7 mental health and substance use treatment hotline.

The millage communications toolkit, which was developed from dozens of conversations with health and human service agency leaders and front-line staff members, provides key facts about the millage, simplified service descriptions, and sharable news stories and social media posts--all designed to promote millage-funded services.

Amanda Henderson
Corey Telin
Stacey Doyle
Trish Cortes
Scott Maurmann
Artie Tomlin
Katie Hoener
Judy Thurman
Versell Smith Jr.
Aaron Suganuma
Anell Eccelston
Derrick Jackson
Keisha Phillips
Reiley Curran
Lisa Gentz

To access millage-funded services,
call 1-734-544-3050